Ukraine War and Time to think Business

Oleksandr Zarnytskyi
3 min readApr 4, 2022


In days that are upon us, living we look for signs and long-term opportunities.
Addressing boundaries between business development and investment insurance, huge changes will take place in the Land of the protectors of the Free World. Ukraine is a turning point in history, reports WashingtonPost.

The international package of economic aid for businesses to Ukraine accounts at 15 billion US dollars.

Business vectors targeted around marginal cost and profitability.
For comparing — US interest rates 0,25% are about to get a hike, says JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, current interest rates 10% in Ukraine, and we already know how much money is nominated for Ukraine from the EU counties and US.

The way of Life in Ukraine, startups, Venture Capital by Oleksandr Zarnytskyi
The way of Life in Ukraine

The value of Ukrainian commodities on the ground is enormous, with exactly 5% of the global natural and mineral resources like titanium, iron also with non-metallic raw materials.
US Federal reserve possibly planning to provide additional aid through US AID reports addressing complex emergencies in Ukraine.

Moving your business to Ukraine or opening one would be a highly rewarding decision.
War in Ukraine could do what the FED couldn’t do alone - balancing the heat for the world economy bringing inflation to heel.
Economic confidence is high at IMF and Ukraine position is sealed regarding all points from investment to future development plans.

World Economic Forum with its Ukraine agenda showed support and unity in mid and long-term partnerships and trade.

Make your way of business in Ukraine — ideal asymmetrical risk by Oleksandr Zarnytskyi
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This point regarding Ukraine is strongley supported by Wolrd Bank.

Ukraine has a lot of perks for running businesses. The investment climate and post-war sentiment will have huge profitability with asymmetrical risk.
Simply, innovators and investors are saying you should focus on investments that are rare & valuable.

Ideal Asymmetrical Risk

Starbucks is not yet in Ukraine as many others.

After winning the war, the business climate in Ukraine will be favorable with some risk, respectively.
Kyiv capital of Ukraine has 3,6+ million population, not counting massive construction sites, apartment buildings, and big capacity business centers finished all across the city.
The amount of property is finished & empty waiting for another million people.

Ukrainian Kyiv city homes around 5 million population with a great number of friendly businesses under the local law.

Open your Starbucks in Kyiv Ukraine — be first, Oleksandr Zarnytskyi
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Locally every foreign company that comes first instantly turns into a monopoly.

Start-up will be the best option to do business in Ukraine capital Kyiv.
Full support for troubleshooting, moving or merging businesses, tax release on import and export in Ukraine. A good choice will be opening a Venture Capital.



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