Globalization through Digitalization 2021

The financial markets are showing a steady up word trend despite the fact that United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is taking positions one after another effectively. The new Oil of today is Big Data. You can witness now the huge divergence between the performance of the financial markets and the state of the economy under the curtains that should raise questions.

At this point in time we should probably admit that the world economy is actively adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine-human interaction revolutionized customer experience and user effectively can receive Analytics. Machine Learning (ML) using Data Science creating realistic scenarios dramatically changing the approach for an effective business model in every sector of the Global Economy.
Despite the fact that it`s already facing the future of economics, analytics, and AI technologies in any sector of management helps the individual avoid inefficient engagement or misguided interpretations. The code is open-source and available for everybody to adapt.

Finally, we can feel the magnitude of Cryptocurrency implementation along with the events that took place with both Global economy and Global health.
In any case, all the steps were taken successfully earlier this year in Global workflow as well as lifestyle, which practically boosted the price of the major asset in the Crypto Market.
The overall picture looks like a big restructuring market place for all entrepreneurs interested.



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Oleksandr Zarnytskyi

Ecosystem early adapter, visionary, BigData 💚 Decentralized economy, CBDC