Global Digitalization empowering Ecosystem Adaption

Oleksandr Zarnytskyi
2 min readJan 13, 2021


The fast-moving environment that we live in preparing us for a fully transparent and productive lifestyle in the future.
This Industrial revolution is happening outside the window transforming the way we move physically and financially by global digital adoption.

News from China that they created the fastest quantum computer so far and managed to test and prove successful AI Genetic Correction on Human material if you will. So in the closes future, we will be able to predict and avoid health problems using wearables that record data from a human body round the clock and provide solutions through AI, Bioengineering, along with Machine Learning(ML), and Data Science. Most of the tasks performed by real people, jobs, full sectors of the world economy will be integrated into ecosystems of like-minded people.

Recently I discovered Fridn project providing future Solutions right now, create prosperity through physical health.
Every-day activity, gathering events improving customer experience, Fridn Team answering questions on life Webinar, scheduled platform updates.

Fridn Ecosystem of the Future
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How it Works, or the Fridn agenda: You Walk — You Earn
Every Step Counts for being healthy and at the same time, you can generate value at Fridn and be rewarded.

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The intriguing side-effect of a healthy lifestyle would be an ability to think more clearly, improve focus, and increase the speed of decision making.

These times of global health crisis that reflects on more than 50% drop in human activities like everyday walking experience, basically the amount of energy that we usually spend daily is dramatically reduced.
In a healthy body lives a healthy soul.
Firdn ecosystem is a fast-growing community for everybody designed to improve every aspect of life and business, a perfect place to meet like-minded people.

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