From Stock Markets to Blockchain

Oleksandr Zarnytskyi
2 min readMar 9, 2021


Stock markets worldwide, according to technical indicators and political tensions, expecting a short-term meltdown.

Oleksandr Zarnytskyi on US&China big data tensions

We are entering a correction/consolidation price/time period, also I would point at VIX when were going through a sudden jump in international Oil prices. Labor statistics in USA are highlighting FED chair, Jerome Powells character in relation to decision making on the stimulus package agenda. US Bond market is sustaining a stable growth projection.

Market turmoil caused by global digitalization and there are vectors to it

At this stage, we can still count on Tesla and other market influencers for a short downside before they uncover their big data analysis advancements tools and solutions.

Zarnytskyi Oleksandr bearish short-term

At this point USA is at the forefront of holding it together, and sometimes you have to check the weight along the way. So DJI and S&P500 have good potential for a volatile downside, while the FED slowly preparing for a safe transition on an absolutely new monetary policy.

Stablecoins are taking their course to CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) development of a national digital currency.

Exchanges need to understand specifics on how to organize a solid infrastructure for consumer experience.

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