Big Data Expansion

Oleksandr Zarnytskyi
2 min readJul 15, 2021

The ECB president Christine Lagarde announced a solution taken to slightly change the monetary policy
The ECB president Christine Lagarde’s decisions on improving policies based on inflation pressures and accepting the green and digital transitions.

FaceBook makes a move with Diem Cryptocurrency could lead to a massive expansion in the market.

Google Privacy impact through a number of personalized remarkable services becoming available for customers on a goal of developing new policies and improve them.

Cloud data services became more secure with a new Cookie policy on every Chromebook equipped with Chrome OS. The technology s designed by keeping all the data on Cloud services that are protected from the inside.

Microsoft intellectual supremacy

According to the reality of things, MSFT with its newest Microsoft Windows 11 operating system finally adopted a big part of the mobile users market.
By overstepping the solutions that others provided as software focused on synchronization of the usable devices, Microsoft added solutions to everybody and direct access to Android apps.
Developers are opened to expand the app keeping all revenue to themselves.



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