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Today we will talk about tech company Baidu Inc (NASDAQ:BIDU) a Chinese counterpart to the traditional Alphabet or Google search.
Baidu inc is a leader as a search engine and internet provider in China, also one of the biggest in the world, Robin Li is managing the company’s business for 17 years as a CEO.

Baidu Inc CEO Robin Li decentralization dilemma by Oleksandr Zarnytskyi
Baidu Inc CEO Robin Li decentralization dilemma by Oleksandr Zarnytskyi
Baidu Inc CEO Robin Li decentralization dilemma by Oleksandr Zarnytskyi

Baidu Inc is the largest internet company in China and Baidu is the 4th most popular website visits daily in the World on Alexa, providing services for 90% of internet users in China roughly over 700 million and the number of total active users globally…

Stock markets worldwide, according to technical indicators and political tensions, expecting a short-term meltdown.

Oleksandr Zarnytskyi on US&China big data tensions
Oleksandr Zarnytskyi on US&China big data tensions

We are entering a correction/consolidation price/time period, also I would point at VIX when were going through a sudden jump in international Oil prices. Labor statistics in USA are highlighting FED chair, Jerome Powells character in relation to decision making on the stimulus package agenda. US Bond market is sustaining a stable growth projection.

Market turmoil caused by global digitalization and there are vectors to it

At this stage, we can still count on Tesla and other market influencers for a short downside before they uncover…

Recent news about Google initiating a merger with young but very ambitious wearable smartwatch Fitbit which owns data from 29 million active users looking to go for another round.

Check out details Google-Fitbit deal

Fitbit IPO took place at the beginning of 2015 at that time having 11 million happy customers. Basically, they had competition at the time of going public due to fact that Apple Watch was introduced earlier that year, but their users doubled for the last 5 years, Alphabet inc. …

The fast-moving environment that we live in preparing us for a fully transparent and productive lifestyle in the future.
This Industrial revolution is happening outside the window transforming the way we move physically and financially by global digital adoption.

News from China that they created the fastest quantum computer so far and managed to test and prove successful AI Genetic Correction on Human material if you will. So in the closes future, we will be able to predict and avoid health problems using wearables that record data from a human body round the clock and provide solutions through AI, Bioengineering…

The financial markets are showing a steady up word trend despite the fact that United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is taking positions one after another effectively. The new Oil of today is Big Data. You can witness now the huge divergence between the performance of the financial markets and the state of the economy under the curtains that should raise questions.

At this point in time we should probably admit that the world economy is actively adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine-human interaction revolutionized customer experience and user effectively can receive Analytics. Machine Learning (ML) using Data Science creating realistic scenarios…

Government-issued cryptocurrency designed to replace the traditional, physical form of country’s national fiat currencies they are called central bank digital currencies CBDC`s. CBDC implementation is driving the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges to become the next best thing after the creation of internet banking.

Central Bank Digital Currencies adaption
Central Bank Digital Currencies adaption

In a highly advanced world of 2020, we are experiencing a notice of attention that cryptocurrencies bringing to our highly fast-moving business environment of economics. Overall, the solutions that were brought worldwide with blockchain technologies and smart contracts showed transparent value.

Market participants, especially so-called “smart money” have been facing decreasing confidence in US dollar due to unprecedented…

We are living in historical times. I think that finally, the time has come to raise the curtain on a new blockchain Banking system powered by Ripple and stablecoins will carry those who`s afraid of the ocean waters.

Market turmoil caused by global digitalization.

Correlating numbers don’t lie: CrudeOil, VIX, DJI, Gold, BTC.

The question is “How bad it will be?” and “How good it will feel?”.

What is your angle on the subject?

Bank created #XRP startup by booking a place in the new sharing economy. Each government powered economic ecosystem currently halting recessions all across the 7 continents.
An oversupply of wealth in the world economic system displaying weaknesses on GDP growth data, productivity is dropping dramatically, unemployment rises so the preparations for a new monetary policy system or simply to the 3rd industrial revolution in human history are currently ongoing.

Finally, a tool of recognition appeared as a new economic vision that will significantly change tensions by bringing balance to currently bank-controlled governments back, connecting the dots between crypto decentralized and…

Life is blind-spot until You look into it.

It turns out — that knowing the future, understanding 7 bln population, they’re values and crowd psychology furthermore the pre-planned integration to a new interconnected monitoring ecosystem gives only a taste of accomplishments that could take place.
The current stage of transformation to a new monetary policy system should be fully implemented until 1 Jan 2022.

The one thing what is required to understand, to be at least 1 step ahead, that we’re moving from fiat to a well traceable digital trading economy. …

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